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FRIDAY N PE 2 018 M AY 11T H of equipment on the show floor than ever before. Education has also been a priority at this NPE, with nine programs going on this week, including several produced by PLASTICS in- cluding the Re|focus Sustainability & Recy- cling Summit and The Plastics Leadership Summit. There have been Spanish language sessions. The ANTEC (Annual Technical Con- ference), sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers, has had the best participation in a decade. The success of the Re|focus Summit is em- blematic of what's going on across the indus- try, both here in the U.S. and globally. Says Carteaux, "In 2012, we started hitting the sustainability issue hard, and it's really taken center stage at this show." He believes the entire industry supply chain is now getting behind the issue, which is evidenced by the record attendance at the Re|focus event. Moreover, four new brand owners joined PLASTICS just in the last week, which Carteaux largely attributes to their commit- ment to ongoing work on the sustainability issue. Another key initiative of NPE2018, the "This Is Plastics" program, is a website with an NPE Bodes Well, continued from page 1 abundance of information on plastics technol- ogy, its impact on the environment, economic impact, and it's many contributions to the betterment of society. The idea is to provide a resource for everyone in the industry to be- come better educated for all the small conver- sations they have every day with friends, fami- ly and neighbors. While some might be skepti- cal, Carteaux says the response has been "far greater than we ever could have imagined." Some two to three dozen companies have already implemented programs to drive this educational program through their organiza- tions. Two of those companies alone will reach 50,000 employees. Carteaux says plastics associations from two other countries have already inquired how to get the This Is Plastics content into their native languages. As for the future, Carteaux firmly believes that the plastics industry's best days are ahead of it. With all the investment still to come in natural gas development, medical technology, plastics processes development and smart technology, there is plenty of growth to come, and the U.S. will continue to be the world's largest plastics market. As for the show, he says, "We want to con- tinue to make NPE the best conference and trade show in the world." It looks like they are on the right track. US Extruders Debuts With New Machines, Novel Features At its first-ever NPE, US Extruders (Booth S32133) is showing a new generation of highly engineered, custom single-screw extruders, displaying a 2.5-in. 24:1 L/D; a 3.5-in. 24:1 L/D extruder; and a compact custom medical extruder. 93 New Line Offers Efficient 'No Dry' PET Sheet Extrusion The STARextruder series from Battenfeld-Cincinnati (Booth W2771) is designed mainly for PET sheet. The processing unit consists of three sections: a single-screw zone for material plastifica- tion; a planetary-roller section for degassing under high vacuum; and an optimally configured discharge zone. The planetary-roller degassing zone reportedly provides highly efficient degas- sing of the melt. Because of the functionality of the degassing section, the melt is rolled out in very thin layers, creating an extremely large surface area. Both effects counteract material deg- radation of the material and significantly contribute to product quality. STARextruders are said to save energy by significantly reducing drying costs. Maintenance costs are lower thanks to higher wear resistance of the planetary-roller section. A switch from PET to PP or PS processing is also said to be possible without a screw change. The machines' proven concept enables the processing of PET bottle flakes without pre-conditioning. This pro- cess has recently been issued a letter of non-objection by the U.S. FDA. The STARextruders are available in machine sizes of 90, 120 and 150 mm, and are suited for small and medium outputs ranging from 1300 to 2600 lb/hr. STARextruders from Battenfeld-Cincinnati in booth W2771 are said to save energy by significantly reducing drying costs.

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