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FRIDAY N PE 2 018 M AY 11TH 87 Leverage Technology to Turn NPE2018 Conversaঞons into Qualified Leads By Mary Scheibel The Trefoil Group Walking the floor of NPE2018, you can feel the enthusiasm as new and increasingly ad- vanced technologies steal the show. Addiঞon- ally, conversaঞons like Industry 4.0, the Inter- net of Things and Smart Factories remind us of why the plasঞcs industry is so exciঞng and why this show is such a good one. But what happens post-show? When the thrill is gone but the tradeshow bills are sঞll coming in? What technologies will you lever- age to turn your NPE investment into measur- able ROI? It's technology that's also behind today's successful markeঞng programs. From small-to-medium businesses to Fortune 100 companies, a wide range of markeঞng auto- maঞon so[ware plaorms offer soluঞons for virtually every budget. The goal: to enable markeঞng to play a vital role in driving organic growth—beginning with the people whose contact informaঞon you're gathering today. Leমng tradeshow leads expire is an issue we all wrestle with. The sales team idenঞfies and eagerly pursues the most promising prospects while the remaining contacts— represenঞng the vast majority of the names you've collected—are idenঞfied as follow-up opportuniঞes. And let's be honest. When we send out a post-show, round-up communica- ঞon, it all too o[en turns into a fuঞle aempt at inbound markeঞng. It becomes that on- going stream of unwanted emails that clog the arteries of our potenঞal customers' inboxes and are just one step shy of abandonment. With technology, there is a smarter way. Start with a markeঞng automaঞon plaorm that enables you to manage your database, culঞvate leads, simplify the lead generaঞon process, and gather markeঞng intelligence and insights. This will enable you to learn more about the customer buying journey and what your prospects are looking for so you can personalize your communicaঞons and reach them at mulঞple touch points through- out the sales cycle. You can start by sending a simple fol- low-up email that sets the stage for a more strategic email drip campaign, idenঞfying which leads are interested, what their inter- ests are, and how to segment your database moving forward. Separaঞng those contacts who are only marginally interested (and need more nurturing) from those who are closer to transacঞng enables you to do two criঞcal things. One: create more personalized con- tent based on audience behaviors, tesঞng A/B messaging and providing pathways to relevant, meaningful content for those who need to learn more. Two: deliver qualified leads to your sales organizaঞon based on a customized lead-scoring system. Next, you can follow up your email with a mulঞchannel lead generaঞon and nurturing campaign that leverages digital markeঞng technologies to keep your company top-of- mind. These markeঞng automa- ঞon plaorms will allow you to automaঞcally (and efficiently) move prospects through the sales funnel based on their level of interest and engagement, as seen in their behavior. Other ways to nurture leads can be done by uঞlizing Google Ads or social media plaorms like LinkedIn that now allow you to upload email databases to target ads specifically to your contacts. Finally, make sure your web- site is a dynamic markeঞng hub for your program. Opঞmize it for organic search, make sure it is designed to be viewed across all mobile devices and screen sizes, and use it to reinforce the messages and technologies you are sharing at the show. Embed retargeঞng codes that enable Google to remarket your visi- tors with display banner ads a[er they leave your site. This will provide addiঞonal touch points, staying in front of them when they visit other web pages, enঞc- ing them to come back and learn more. Yes, it's a technology-driven world. The smart manufacturers will be those who bring technology innovaঞons from their manufac- turing environments to their markeঞng pro- grams. These are the ones who will lead the way to new growth and markeঞng ROI, who will make sure they aren't ouoxed by digital markeঞng innovators and who will turn to- day's NPE conversaঞons into tomorrow's customers.

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