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FRIDAY NPE 2018 : THE PLASTICS SHOW SHOW DAILY 84 LEADING SHEET EXTRUSION TECHNOLOGY G-SERIES ® QUAD PLUS ™ CO-EX SHEET SYSTEMS MULTI-PATENTED TECHNOLOGY Processing Technologies International, LLC | 2655 White Oak Circle Aurora, IL 60502 | Tel: 630.585.5800 | Fax: 630.585.5855 World Class Sheet Extrusion Systems 5 Zone Temp Station Dual Payoff Lamination Cell Film Access Hatchways Model GCH841830 Horizontal Five Chrome Roll Stand M a y 7 - 1 1 , 2 0 1 8 O r l a n d o , F L U S A B o o t h W 6 7 4 4 NPE2018 Technology Focus What's New in Sheet Extrusion By Jim Callari Plascs Technology A reduced footprint on PTi's newest high-speed sheet extruder for PP and PS package reportedly provides the market's highest throughput/[ 2 . Machine builders at NPE2018 are meeঞng the need for speed. Plus, the latest Super-G HighSPEED Extruders from Processing Tech- nologies Internaঞonal (Booth W6744) have a significantly reduced footprint, resulঞng in the highest extrusion output/square foot in the industry, the company claims. This com- pactness is made possible by introducing an opঞonal tuck-under motor on these models, which are used for processing PP and HIPS for packaging. Several machines have already been installed in the U.S. Process Technologies Internaঞonal's Super-G SGHS3000-36D model on display features a verঞcal U-configuraঞon and tuck-under motor to reduce the machine's footprint by more than 33 percent to 12 feet, 8 in., versus 17 [., 7 in. for the original mod- el. The Super-G SGHS3000-42D model is also offered with the tuck-under opঞon and shows a comparable footprint reducঞon and similar output gains. The Super-G SGHS3000-36D has a 500- hp motor and runs at a maximum speed of 1,000 rpm, while the Super-G SGHS3000- 42D has a 600-horsepower motor and runs at up to 1,200 rpm. For processing PP, the Super-G SGHS3000-36D has a producঞon output of approximately 3,000 lbs/hr. There is a new opঞon for "no dry" PET sheet systems. The STARextruder series from Baenfeld-Cincinnaঞ (Booth W2771) fea- tures a three-part processing unit: a single- screw zone for material plasঞcaঞng; a plane- tary-roller secঞon for degassing under high vacuum; and an opঞmally dimensioned dis- charge zone. The planetary-roller degassing zone reportedly offers highly efficient degas- sing of the melt, which is rolled out in very thin layers, creaঞng an extremely large sur- face area. Both effects are said to counteract degradaঞon of the materials and significantly contribute to product quality. Sheet processors can switch from PET to PP or PS processing on this extruder without a screw change. PET bole flakes can be pro- cessed without pre-condiঞoning. The process has recently been issued a leer of non-objec- ঞon by the FDA. The STARextruders are avail- able in sizes of 3.5, 4.75 and 6 in., with output ranges from 1,300 to 2,600 pounds per hour. Gneuss Extrusion Technology (Booth W6473) is showing a complete Gneuss Pro- cessing Unit (GPU) comprised of a Mulঞ Rota- ঞon System (MRS) 130 extruder, a fully auto- maঞc melt-filtraঞon system (RSFgenius 150) and a VIS online viscometer. The line is made for processing undried, uncrystallized PET at up to 2,000 lbs/hr. Gneuss now offers a new foam module that permits processors to quickly switch from solid to physically foamed PET sheet. Foam sheet with a weight reducঞon of 50 percent can be extruded (depending on the process) with a consistent cell structure and mechanical prop- erঞes from up to 100 percent post-consumer material. Graham (Booth W2743) displays a Welex Evoluঞon sheet line, a complete producঞon line for sheeঞng, winding, and in-line thermo- forming, equipped with XSL Navigator control. While the equipment on display here at NPE2018 is for thin-gauge PP, the Evoluঞon system can be customized for widths from 36 to 90 in., gauges from 0.008 to 0.125 in., and throughputs to 10,000 lbs/hr. Monolayer or coextrusion systems are available, with up to nine extruders. Chilling Combinaঞon: Frigel Acquires Green Box By Tony Delegio Plascs Technology Frigel CEO Orindo Dorin says the acquisiঞon is complementary for his company, giving it product lines it previously didn't offer, includ- ing cooling, sorঞng and inspecঞon systems for closure producঞon, as well as mold dry- ers, rapid mold heaঞng/cooling technology, and temperature controls for die casঞng. Frigel has two booths at NPE2018— S14085, W193—with the South Hall booth located in the bole zone and featuring a cap-cooling line from Green Box. Al Fosco, markeঞng manager of the company's U.S. subsidiary, Frigel North America Inc., says that in addiঞon to complementary product lines, the combined company has a comple- mentary sales structure. Dorin says there is some technology over- lap between the companies in chillers, which Orindo Dorin of Frigel (le[) and Al Fosco, of Frigel North America. will be harmonized into a single line over ঞme. The company will retain Green Box's 4,000-m 2 factory in Padua, adding its capaci- ty to Frigel's 9,000-m 2 site in Florence. Frigel also has producঞon in Thailand and Brazil, as well as Milan, which makes cooling systems for industries beyond plasঞcs. Solving the Puzzle of LSR Molding A 16-cavity mold is running LSR puz- zle pieces in a Roboshot 140 all-elec- tric machine at the Milacron booth (W2703). The machine is outfied with an "Enhanced LSR Package" that includes a special Milacron screw and barrel with water jackets, vacuum pump, and water regulator. All of these components are retrofit- table to standard Milacron-Fanuc Roboshot presses. The puzzle is molded in a 40-sec cycle and auto- maঞcally demolded and packaged in a bag for visitors to take away.

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