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FRIDAY NPE 2018 : THE PLASTICS SHOW SHOW DAILY At Athena, we understand your unique hot runner system needs, like our new RMX modular hot runner controller with a touchscreen display and superior functionality and communications. Athena still off ers our popular IMP, RMA and RMB modular controllers and you can mix and match in a standard mainframe to suit your unique needs. And Athena still off ers world-class non-modular controllers. Get all our products from your local distributor or online. BOOTH W5455 TURNING UP THE HEAT ON HOT RUNNER CONTROL Augmented Reality on the Shop Floor: Reimagining the Instrucঞon Manual Via its WorkLink program, ScopeAR helps companies create augmented reality training videos to walk workers through tasks. By Tony Deligio Plascs Technology Augmented reality, which adds virtual elements to physical environs, is already having an effect on the remote servicing of equipment in industrial seমngs. Its next impact will be felt in how companies train new employees on the operaঞon of funcঞoning equipment. In a factory seমng, augmented reality so[ware uses the camera on smart glasses, a smartphone or a tablet to scan equipment within its view and add digital markers once the machinery is recognized. Sco Montgomerie, co-founder and CEO of Scope AR, a San Francisco-based creator of augment- ed reality so[ware founded in 2011, is one company acঞvely pushing augmented reality as a training al- ternaঞve. Montgomerie's company creates interacঞve instrucঞons that could be used to train employees on the steps needed to set up a machine for companies like Cater- pillar, for example. For Scope AR, this area of its business is called WorkLink. Using instrucঞon tem- plates, companies can enter in CAD data for machinery and layer on markers and anima- ঞons that guide a user through a rouঞne process. To demonstrate WorkLink's funcঞonality, Scope AR has a circuit breaker box it brings to trade shows. When WorkLink is opened and the camera of a device running the so[ware is pointed at the box, it scans it, and walks the user through how to remove a broken circuit breaker. Arrows show where the box can be opened and the individual circuit breaker itself becomes animated, displaying in a loop how it can be physically removed from the box. Tasked with replacing a circuit breaker, non-electricians could read from a printed manual with drawn pictures or pho- tos of the elements in quesঞon, or these days, they might even seek out a video on YouTube, watching and listening to instrucঞons. With augmented reality, however, the compo- nents that need to be manipulated come to life, as animated versions of the tools walk a user through the task at hand while the task is literally at hand. "You can create 3D models from manufacturing processes and then overlay them on top of real equipment," Montgom- erie says. "Using animaঞons and a combinaঞon of text and voiceovers, you can show a technician what to do with these really intuiঞve instrucঞons." Scope AR has undertaken studies comparing the speed and efficiency of a worker using a paper manual versus augmented reality, with augmented reality coming in at 25% faster. "The reason is they are able to understand the instrucঞons so much more intuiঞvely is they're seeing things in front of them versus having to do a mental mapping from their paper instrucঞons," Montgomerie says. It Feels Good to be Green at NPE2018 By Sco Francis CompositesWorld Despite some preconceived noঞons, the plasঞcs industry works hard at being green and sustainable. NPE2018 is striving to raise plasঞc recycling aware- ness through a 100 percent recycling iniঞaঞve at this year's show. The goal is to recycle every scrap of plasঞc generated on the show floor. Plasঞc material is being collected by NPE's official recycling partner Commercial Plasঞcs Recycling Inc. (CPR). CPR is working with exhibitors to ensure all scrap material is round- ed up. The company collected 190 tons of plasঞc scrap at NPE2015 and hopes to collect even more this year. CPR's collecঞon efforts are being aided by an on-site recy- cling demonstraঞon sponsored by WEIMA. As part of the demonstraঞon, plasঞc scraps are sorted into batches, shred- ded and conveyed through a granulator. WEIMA's WLK 15 single-sha[ shredder, located in the Westwood parking lot, reduces the collected plasঞc prior to transport to CPR's headquarters in Tampa, Florida. There the granulated plasঞc undergoes rigorous quality control tesঞng before it re-enters the market. Aendees can help the recycling iniঞaঞve efforts by mak- ing sure any recyclable personal refuse is placed in proper receptacles. Let's work together to make NPE the greenest tradeshow there is. Plasঞc scraps are reduced to granulate size before being transported to CPR's headquarters in Tampa. 20

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