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THURSDAY NPE 2018 : THE PLASTICS SHOW SHOW DAILY 92 Servo Hydraulic Toggle 1000us~2500us ton Two Platen Servo Hydraulic 1200us~3900us ton All Electric Toggle 390us~3900us ton Electric Two Platen 1200us~3900us ton We Deliver World Class Performance TEL:734.741.7000 Booth W442 New Developments in Tooling for In-Mold Assembly A new partnership between French and American toolmakers has facilitated broader access to sophisticated tooling concepts for multi-material overmolding, in-mold assem- bly, injection-blow molding, and multilayer injection of thick optical lenses. Some recent applications demonstrate the extreme versa- tility of the system. What's more, these pat- ented tooling capabilities have been en- hanced with new developments for LSR and heat/cool molding. French toolmaker JP Grosfilley SAS, spe- cializing in multi-shot molds, has partnered with medical mold builder X-Cell Tool & Mold Inc., as its representative in North America. While some companies have developed rota- ry-stack, or "cube" molds for multi-compo- nent molding, Grosfilley's approach to multi- shot molding is different: It uses rotating In- dex Plates on a single parting line to permit multiple consecutive functions—such as injec- tion overmolding, cooling, in-mold assembly, injection in "hidden time" and even injec- tion-blow molding—all within a single shot and without extending cycle time. Grosfilley has built molds with one, two, or even three rotating elements. Those ele- ments not only rotate by 90°, 120°, or 180° on each cycle, but the elements can index out from the mold base before rotating, so as to transfer parts from one rotating compo- nent to another for overmolding and in-mold assembly. That way, parts composed of up to six components (and more in development) can pass through up to 10 stations on a sin- gle mold face. Several recent applications are cited by Philippe Gaudin, innovations and R&D man- ager for Grosfilley. One is a toy car molded with six materials—clear and colored PP, TPO, and styrenic TPE—in nine stations with three Using a Grosfilley tool, Milacron is using a G2 index- plate system and E-Multi auxiliary injector to create a two-component drinking glass. rotating elements. An- other is a steam iron from Rowenta in Ger- many, consisting of six materials—PP and TPO in different colors— again with nine sta- tions using three rotat- ing elements. That iron formerly required 12 people for assembly, now reduced to three, and a single injection machine. An overall scrap rate of 10% in the past has been reduced to zero with the Gros- filley system. In addition, a double-walled drinking glass utilizes five materials in nine mold stations. Newer developments from Grosfilley in- clude molding thick optical lenses in multiple shots of the same material, and injection-blow molding on a standard injection machine, with injection and blowing taking place in different stations. In addition, the new "Supercharged" range of Grosfilley Index Plates can rotate cores or cavities weighing up to 12 tons with 0.01° accuracy. The Supercharged range also can handle higher temperatures—up to 200°C/392°F—for overmolding LSR on ther- moplastic or vice versa. Gaudin reports that another new develop- ment improves heat/cool molding in larger molds with multiple gates and long flows. The key is electrically conductive ceramic mold inserts positioned a few millimeters behind the cavities. They provide rapid, pinpoint heating control, which is paired with confor- mal cooling channels close to the cavity as well. One result, Gaudin says, is that the melt stays hotter until the end of flow, so that when flow fronts merge, less of a weld line is produced. Gaudin also notes that Grosfilley can build tools with independent water cir- cuits plumbed through the central shaft of rotating mold components. X-Cell Tool is exhibiting capabilities for designing and building medical molds at in booth S10166. A Grosfilley mold is running on a new model of injection machine at the booth (W2703) of Cincinnati-based Mila- cron, Inc., in a system together with a Mold-Masters hot-runner system and E-Multi auxiliary injector. The mold is utiliz- ing a G2 index-plate system. The product is a two-component drinking glass.

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