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NPE2018 PRODUCTS ON DISPLAY THURSDAY NPE 2018 : THE PLASTICS SHOW SHOW DAILY Common Engineering Resins Polycarbonate Lens Grade OpƟcal Grade PC Copolyester Nylon Acrylic Flexible Acrylic SAN PET ABS FR Grades Industries Supported LighƟng Eyewear Aerospace ConstrucƟon Medical Military Skylights Electronics CosmeƟcs Consumer Goods Special Effects Transparent Translucent Light Diffusion Custom Tints UV Stabilizers Frosted Colorants Fluorescent Infrared ReflecƟve Laser Materials Call us today to discuss your custom material projects Sample Material for Trials • Short Lead-Times Email: sales@opƟ • 15501 Computer Lane, HunƟngton Beach, CA 92649 (866) 369-5709 • (714) 893-8839 • NPE Booth #S-31084 Custom color compounded material for your most criƟcal plasƟc applicaƟons Five New Material-Opঞmized Injecঞon Molding Screws Zeiger Industries | Booth W4143 Zeiger Industries is showing its latest ZP screw designs for processing engineering-grade polymers. Four of the screws on display include resin-specific opঞ- mized designs for PC/PMMA and glass-filled LCP, nylon, and PPS/PSU. Combining the correct ZP Opঞmized flight profile and Zeiger's resin-specific base materials, Zeiger says customers can see 50% longer screw life, significant reducঞons in annual maintenance costs and improved profitability due to less down ঞme and rejected parts. In addiঞon to the resin-specific screws listed above, a Mulঞ-Material ZP screw design is also on display. Zeiger calls the screw an "unmatched" replacement of general purpose (GP) screws used for processing different resins on the same machine. | (330) 484-4413 'Height-Adjustable' Twin-Stack Cooling System for Blown Film Addex Inc. | Booth W4773 Addex Inc. is showcasing its latest Intensive Cooling technolo- gy—the "Height-Adjustable" Intensive Cooling Twin-Stack sys- tem, designed to opঞmize performance for both high- and low-melt processes. The fully enclosed, two-level system features a lower Inten- sive Cooling element that mounts flat to the die and a second, height-adjustable Intensive Cooling element just below the air ring. The system is highly adaptable to changes in materials and supports fast changeovers. The Twin-Stack elements can be separated over a range of 1 to 16 in., allowing the operator to change the height be- tween the cooling elements to control the amount of cooling. For super low-melt materials, a short distance between the elements is ideal. For high-melt strength operaঞon, the cooling zone can be extended to its maximum by the push of a buon. The Height-Adjustable Twin-Stack system can be fine-tuned across a broad range of products without ঞme-consuming equipment changes and while the line is running. The original fixed-height Twin-Stack system is proven in the field to increase output by 15% to 20% for very low-melt strength materials, and up to 40% or even 50% for high-melt strength materials. The latest Height-Adjustable version of the Twin-Stack is expected to produce even greater increases. The system operates over a wide range of configuraঞons and materials, while also enhancing bubble stability. These retrofits are aimed at blown-film lines that have been designed for higher outputs and have sufficient extruder and blower ca- pacity to handle the output gains of Intensive Cooling Twin- Stack. The Height-Adjustable system is fully compaঞble with Addex's other cooling products including the Digital Internal Bubble Cooling Control, Manual Gauge Control, and Laminar Air Rings. | (315) 331-7700 Foam Blow Molding Advances to Commercial Use W. Muller USA Inc. | Booth W1983 W. Muller USA is announcing the first commercial success for its foam blow molding technology. This technology, which was first revealed at NPE2015, uঞlizes a special head with two small verঞcal extruders for the solid inner and outer skins of the three-layer structure; the blow molding machine's main extruder provides the center foam layer. A special feature of this process is that nitrogen gas is injected into the head, rather than the extruder barrel. Muller's news is that it has sold its first foam coextrusion head; the customer is Cimplast S.A.C.I. in Paraguay, which plans to use the head to mold 20-L agrochemical containers. Advantages of the foam-core process are not only light- weighঞng but also faster cycles, according to Muller. | (413) 787-0664 80

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