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THURSDAY NPE 2018 : THE PLASTICS SHOW SHOW DAILY WHEN MATTERS TURNDOWN LOW-TO-HIGH RATES WITHOUT MECHANICAL CHANGES TOMORROW'S CHALLENGES SOLVED TODAY. WWW.ADV-BLEND.COM SEE US AT BOOTH #W8063 NPE2018 New Technology Focus Film and Extrusion Coaঞng Macchi is running an all-polyolefin mulঞlayer line at its booth producing film for stand-up pouches. By Jim Callari Plascs Technology Macchi (Booth W7463) is running a five-layer POD (polyolefin-dedicated), high-output line producing PE film for stand-up pouches. During the five-day show, Macchi is demon- straঞng the line's capabiliঞes to downgauge by up to 30-40%. Windmoeller & Hoelscher (Booth W6663) is making its TurboClean automaঞon module retrofiŽable to some exisঞng W&H lines. The TurboClean system purges resin from all ex- truders and gravimetric hoppers simultane- ously, dramaঞcally decreasing the ঞme re- quired to change materials. It was introduced at K 2015, at which ঞme it was only available on new W&H Varex II systems. Now, exisঞng W&H Varex II and Varex I lines built in or a[er 2010 can be retrofiŽed with the module. Hosokawa Alpine American (Booth W1971) is touঞng the benefits of its X die, billed as the fastest-purging die on the market. It is offered for up to 11 layers. Germany's Kuhne Anlagenbau GmbH (Booth S35139) is showing a concept Mo-Con die that is modular, streamlined, compact, and expandable. The stackable Layer Sequence Alpha Dual Spiral Systems blown-film dies from Alpha Marathon (Booth S31167) reportedly provide superior streamlining and mixing of melt flow as well as interlayer temperature isolaঞon. The addiঞon of the new patented Feed Block Sys- tem allows film processors to extrude two different materials in the same module to ei- ther duplicate the number of layers or intro- duce new materials to the film structure. Addex Inc. (Booth W4773) is showcasing its latest Intensive Cooling technology. The "Height-Adjustable" Intensive Cooling Twin- Stack system is designed to opঞmize perfor- mance when processing both high- and low- melt-strength resins. The system operates over a wide range of configuraঞons and mate- rials, while also enhancing bubble stability. These retrofits are aimed at blown-film lines designed for higher outputs and with suffi- cient extruder and blower capacity to handle the output gains made possible by Intensive Cooling Twin-Stack. Brampton Engineering (Booth W2363) is showing the Vector S air ring. Vector S offers an auto-gauge opঞon uঞlizing segmented air. Thanks to extremely uniform airflow around the lip, Vector S reportedly offers the best startup gauge in the industry by reducing vari- ability by up to 80% compared with conven- ঞonal air rings. D.R. Joseph (Booth W4383) is exhibiঞng a new control feature for non-IBC blown-film lines—neck-height control for medium- or high-stalk bubbles. The control system uses an ultrasonic sensor facing the boŽom of the bubble flare to measure neck height, then maintains the setpoint to within ± 0.25 in. It also coordinates the compeঞng tasks of man- aging layflat width and neck height during startup, hole recovery and normal producঞon. D.R. Joseph is also unveiling a new genera- ঞon of radial roll cages that it says completely address the shoralls of tradiঞonal radial siz- ing cages. Mechanical linkages and moving parts are greatly reduced, as is overall foot- print (like iris-style cages), and the total in- vestment cost is comparable to iris-sizing cag- es. The unit offers processors higher precision in diameter adjustment, complete stability and bubble support at all diameter ranges, extreme rigidity with zero play or backlash and improved IBC control with the DRJ IBC control system. New surface winders from Macro Engi- neering and Technology (Booth W5763) fea- ture a face width of 69 in. and maximum roll diameter of 3.3 [. They offer gap winding, reverse winding, zero-fold transfer, tapered pressure and tension control, sha[ extracঞon, electrical sha[ loading and ability to handle a wide range of film thicknesses from 15 to 300 microns. The winder is said to be suitable for high-barrier coextrusion and laminaঞon. Cloeren Inc. (Booth W6683) is displaying the world's widest nanolayer system, com- prised of a 55-layer NanoLayer feedblock paired with a 5435-mm Epoch III die. This system is intended for third-generaঞon (G3) nanolayer stretch films. 26

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