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WEDNESDAY NPE 2018 : THE PLASTICS SHOW SHOW DAILY NPE2018 New Technology Focus Mold Components, Supplies, Maintenance Progressive Components bills its CVe live as a monitoring and transmission plaorm that will advance tool monitoring and maintenance. By Tony Deligio Plascs Technology Milacron's DME business unit (Booth W2703) is launching a new quality cerঞfica- ঞon for its American standard mold base. In addiঞon to these mold bases, the new DME Machined-4-Quality standard applies to the company's American standard mold base A-Series, B-Series, AX, X and T-Series lines. Meusburger's new E 3064 guide for in- clined pins provides opঞmal contact with the inclined pin, resulঞng in a high force absorp- ঞon. Meusburger notes that the machining of the pocket is possible without inclining, and that the slide stroke can be customized by adjusঞng the guide's posiঞon. Meusburger's new E 1307 fine-centering unit requires minimal installaঞon space. The DLC-coated centering elements are available with or without fixing holes, which enable maximum flexibility in design and reduce wear. Meusburger designed this centering element to be small for exact centering of individual inserts. The product features a compact design and defined installaঞon posi- ঞons, which prevent incorrect mounঞng of centering parts. In mold-base technologies, Hasco is high- lighঞng locaঞng guide bushings with a circlip groove and new, individually printable name- plates for custom idenঞficaঞon of molds. CUMSA is showing two vacuum devices to conঞnued on page 94 KraussMaffei Commied to Tech & the Future The KraussMaffei GX 900-12000 at NPE provides clamping speeds of up to 0.45 s. According to Paul Caprio, president of Krauss-Maffei Corp., "The GX with the speed opঞon features an efficient, cost-effecঞve and aracঞve alternaঞve to manufacturing large components for the packaging and logisঞcs industries—a market that has undergone conঞnuous growth in the USA in recent years." By Gary S. Vasilash Automove Design and Producon If you want to think about placing a bet on technology—and winning—consider the case of KraussMaffei Group ( Booth W403), which was established in Germany 180 years ago. The company was founded to build rail- road locomoঞves. While that might seem like a reasonable undertaking, Dr. Frank Sঞeler, CEO, notes, "There were five kilome- ters of track in Germany back then." That's about three miles. "At our company we believe in the future of technology," Sঞeler says. And nowadays that technology takes the form of injecঞon molding, extrusion, and reacঞon process ma- chinery. The company has developed an array of technologies that address the needs of indus- tries including automoঞve, packaging, medi- cal, and construcঞon. For example, for the auto industry they've developed what they call the "FiberForm" process that is being used to create parts that are both structurally sound and a•racঞve, such as a center console/arm rest combina- ঞon. This combines fiber composite sheet that provides strength to the component as well as TPE for so[-touch, a•racঞve surfac- es. According to Paul Caprio, president of the U.S. subsidiary, Krauss-Maffei Corp. "This combinaঞon can be used to create complete- ly new visual and hapঞc component features for thermoplasঞc composites in a single pro- cess." According to Ma•hias Sieverding, presi- dent of Extrusion Technology for the Krauss- Maffei group, although the construcঞon in- dustry was hit hard by the Great Recession, they're now seeing a comeback in the com- pany's line of conical extruders. One of the things that they're concentraঞng on is pro- viding high throughput, such as being able to change the wall thickness and wall diameter of a pipe in process; the change can be af- fected within about 10 to 12 [, Sieverding says, which provides a cost savings of some 90 percent as compared with convenঞonal approaches. Also, they have developed the means by which there can be color changes that are easy to effect via a touchscreen: a color change can take place in about 30 seconds. One of the things that is potenঞally a big change in the way machines are acquired from KraussMaffei was launched in Germany earlier this year. Sঞeler says that companies are able to "rent" machines directly from the builder. The rental periods are on the order of from three to four years, and there is a guar- antee that at the end of the period the com- pany will take the machinery back. Sঞeler says that there is no date certain when this will happen in the U.S. as there are a number of financial and regulatory issues that must be resolved, but he is opঞmisঞc that they'll be worked out. One aspect of the rental arrangement goes to a point that KraussMaffei is making big investments in Industry 4.0 capability. Sঞeler says that by having the machines it rents net- worked, they'll know precisely how the ma- chinery is being operated while out on rental. Consequently, they'll have a data-based abili- ty to determine residual value. Of course, the company is making the in- vestments in digitalizaঞon to meet customer demands. Overall, the company is invesঞng $81-million this year in its machines, IT infra- structure, R&D, and so[ware. Which is an investment in the future, cer- tainly not a bet. 88 Your New Alternative to High-Pressure Injection Molding Let us tell you about the LUMINA MP800 Medium-Pressure Injection Molding Machine > Versatile > Efficient > Advanced Technology 45 Years Serving the Plastics Industry See us at NPE BOOTH W1823

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