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WEDNESDAY NPE2018 M AY 9 TH returned to serve as the official recycler for NPE2018 a[er a successful partnership at NPE2015. Over 380,000 pounds of material were recovered from the show floor in 2015, and this year's NPE could yield even higher volumes thanks to a new, onsite recycling demonstraঞon sponsored by WEIMA. This year CPR is collecঞng scrap plasঞcs from the show floor and transporঞng them to WEIMA's WLK 15 single-sha[ shredder, which is located in the Westwood parking lot. The materials are sorted into batches, shredded and conveyed through a granulator. The granulated plasঞc scrap is then trans- ported CPR's headquarters in Tampa, Florida. "The addiঞon of on-site grinding capabili- Greener, conঞnued from page 1 ঞes will ensure an even greener NPE," says Paul Benvenuঞ, sales manager at CPR. "Re- ducing the plasঞc scrap before transporta- ঞon will allow us to use fewer trucks when hauling it to our facility in Tampa, resulঞng in fewer carbon emissions." "This onsite demonstraঞon is the ulঞmate opportunity for educaঞon-in-acঞon," says Audrey Brewer, markeঞng manager at WEIMA. "We're excited for this opportunity to show others just how green a tradeshow can be." Once hauled to the CPR plant, the reduced plasঞc will undergo quality control tesঞng to ensure it meets material specificaঞons before it is sold to end-users. Once sold, the plasঞc can be used to create new products—o[en in place of virgin materials. 87 Conair Launches New Viper Granulator Product Line The 23 Series granulator from Conair; one of seven different models on display here in Orlando. By Heather Caliendo Plascs Technology NPE2018 kicked off Sunday a[ernoon when Conair officially launched its enঞrely new porolio of Viper granulators with standard features that include improved sound insula- ঞon, hardened and water-cooled cuমng chambers on most models, as well as bigger screens for increased throughput compared to the company's previous offerings. Seven different models are on display at the show, in configuraঞons for injecঞon molding, blow molding and both pipe/profile and film/sheet extrusion. Conair is exhibiঞng in Booths W1845, W2163 and S14045. From small press-side units to large, cen- tral granulators, the new Viper product line includes 14 different models with rotor diam- eters of 6, 8, 12, 17 and 23 inches (140, 200, 300, 420 and 570 mm), and maximum throughputs from 80 lb/hr (36 kg/hr) to 3800 lb/hr (1724 kg/hr). Tangenঞal-feed cuমng chambers are standard on smaller grinders, while large units come in a super-tangenঞal configuraঞon to facilitate feeding of large and bulky scrap. Three-blade open rotors are also standard, and other rotor designs are available. Larger granulators and specialty units will be added to the line in the near future. "The design of our new Viper granulators has been totally customer-driven," says Sam Rajkovich, vice president of sales & market- ing. "Our objecঞve was to develop a straight- forward, uncomplicated suite of Conair-de- signed machines, suitable for most applica- ঞons. We also wanted to make standard as many popular features as possible. I think we have done just that and very successfully. This may well be the largest product launch at NPE2018 and it certainly is one of the most exciঞng." Every one of the new Viper granulators can be configured for the safe and conve- nient feeding of scrap in a wide range of shapes and sizes. For basic hand feeding, an upturned feed tray accepts most parts and/or runners. A similar feed-tray configuraঞon suits robot feeding and the front-facing hop- per opening accepts metered feeding of scrap via conveyor. Conveyor speed can be automaঞcally regulated to prevent excessive loads on the granulator drive motor. For re- claiming film scrap, the granulator infeed can be fied with feed rollers (slaved to drive motor amps) that draw film from large rolls. A relief head can be mounted on top to receive blown-in edge trim. When small parts, blow-molding tops and tails, or preshredded scrap is fed by a blower, a cyclone can be fied to the top of the hopper. And, for long pipes and profiles, an angled side feed chute is used. For other unusual applicaঞons, cus- tom infeed configuraঞons can be engineered. Several evacuaঞon opঞons are also avail- able, including self-powered vacuum motor loaders that draw granulate out of the catch bin and deposit into a Gaylord or bin. "What we found was that through our knowledge of size reducঞon, there was a tremendous opportunity to step up our game in size reducঞon and to increase the quality that can be offered to the marketplace in terms of product breadth," Rajkovich says. "So we have some unique sizes that haven't been offered to the market and there are some unique features that haven't been of- fered to the market, in terms of hardening, in terms of water cooling, in terms of access to the cuমng chambers. So there's some really unique things we're doing that are new offerings from Conair and basically we took what we knew about size reducঞon and we're offering that to the market."

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