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WEDNESDAY NPE2018 M AY 9 TH 81 A M E R I M O L D E X P O . C O M REGISTER NOW! PRESENTED BY: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES for mold builders and mold buyers EXHIBIT HALL featuring machine tools, mold components, tooling, materials, software, more AMERIMOLD TECH TALKS on designing, machining, maintaining molds BOOTH SALES ARE OPEN CO-LOCATED WITH: Novi, MI | June 13-14, 2018 OVER MOLDING COMPOSITES NPE2018 New Technology Focus What's New in Compounding Leistritz's Elongaঞonal Rheometer facilitates online analysis and adjustment and shear and elongaঞonal viscosiঞes. By Jim Callari Plascs Technology Leistritz Extrusion (Booth W5545) is displaying a ZSE 18 sys- tem consisঞng of loss-in-weight feeders, a co-rotaঞng twin- screw extruder, gear pump, and die to produce 1- to 5-mm 3D-prinঞng filaments. Downstream, the line is equipped with a custom air rack for air-quench cooling and sizing of the fila- ment, plus a belt puller, laser gauge and winder. The control system integrates closed-loop pressure control to ensure a ঞght-tolerance product. Leistritz is also showing a ZSE 50 MAXX twin that includes modular barrels and screws and an insulated barrel cover. The ZSE 50 MAXX can be equipped with a 600-hp AC motor to produce more than 2,200 lb/hr at 1,200 rpm. With color masterbatch in mind, Coperion Corp. (Booth W729) has equipped its STS Mc11 twin-screw with features that significantly improve the system's handling and ease of cleaning. A new base-frame design allows for integraঞon of the water manifold and wiring connecঞons for beer cleanability without sacrificing accessibility. Operaঞons around the machine are reportedly simpler since Coperion reengineered the extruder covers to enable easy access to the process secঞon and at the same ঞme re- duce dust contaminaঞon. The unit also includes a smoother surface for easier cleaning. The barrel heater shells are equipped with insulaঞon plates to minimize the temperature on the surface of the process secঞon. The barrel feed opening is fied with a removable sleeve, which facilitates simple cleaning and therefore quicker color changes. A tray has been added to the vent port to collect drippings or vent flow. And the die head has been redesigned so it can now be quickly opened by simply loosening swing bolts for faster color changes. The STS 35 Mc11 exhibited at NPE2018 is equipped with a Coperion K-Tron K2-MV-T35 volumetric twin-screw feed- er—billed as an economical and reliable soluঞon for metering color premix batches. The T35 feeder handles free-flowing to very poorly flowing powders (e.g., lumpy, moist or bridging materials) as well as fibers, flakes and other bulk materials. The LSB XX series side stuffer is supplied with a high OD/ ID raঞo of the screws (2.0:1) and can also convey materials with very low bulk densiঞes. The screws can be segmented so they can be configured for a parঞcular material. Leistritz is displaying various control architectures, includ- ing Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLCs and operator interfaces. The company is also debuঞng its Elongaঞonal Rheometer. This device mates to an extruder; a small amount of the melt flow is diverted, measured and returned to the extruder to facilitate on-line analysis and adjustment of shear and elonga- ঞonal viscosiঞes. Entek Extruders (Booth W5189) is showing two machines in its booth: a new QC³ 33-mm twin-screw extruder, intro- duced in 2017 and being shown publicly for the first ঞme; and a high-output 73-mm twin-screw. The Entek QC³ 33-mm co-rotaঞng twin-screw is a new size. It's designed for compounding small lots and includes all of the company's latest QC³ (Quick-Change, Quick-Clean and Quality Control) features. The 33-mm unit joins Entek's other QC³ models, which include 27-mm, 43-mm, and 53-mm co-rotaঞng twins. New mechanical design features in the 33- mm model include self-aligning screw-gearbox couplings to facilitate fast and foolproof installaঞon of screws; lock-and- key feature on splined sha[s to prevent screw ঞming errors; conveniently located gauges for quick monitoring of lube and cooling-system condiঞons; quick-change strand die; and en- hanced controls. Entek is also featuring a 73-mm twin geared for high-out- put custom compounding. It's available with a 600-hp motor and screw speeds up to 900 rpm. Entek has two interacঞve work staঞons at its booth where visitors are encouraged to see how easy it is to quickly design screw and barrel layouts for their specific applicaঞons.

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