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WEDNESDAY NPE 2018 : THE PLASTICS SHOW SHOW DAILY NPE2018 PRODUCTS ON DISPLAY Dryers Have Digital 'Twin' Novatec Inc. | Booth W3729 Novatec is debuঞng the DigiTwin, a virtual electronic twin of a physical machine that measures and follows every behavior of the physical machine and every key component—not just from the machine controller PLC, but also from the mulঞple com- ponent sensors located throughout the machine. It provides a real-ঞme linkage between the physical and digital worlds. By pulling all this data together in real ঞme using sensors and machine control data and pulling this through rich analyঞcs, machine behavior can be modeled, understood, improved and opঞmized. Far more than PLC data tracking—DigiTwin is said to be the ulঞmate component and machine-monitoring sys- tem that monitors, tracks and predicts the performance of all components, processes and porঞons of the machine. At its booth, Novatec is showing side-by-side a physical dryer with the digital model of that same machine next to it. Novatec compares DigiTwin to a virtual X-ray or MRI for the dryer. It takes the covers off, just like an X-Ray or MRI looks under the skin of a human. With DigiTwin on the Novatec dryer, there is a constant 24/7 X-ray of all the vital processes within the machine—not just the PLC machine controller reporঞng high temperature or dewpoint changes, but all the sensors on the various compo- nents as well, allowing processors to constantly monitor the machine and its sub-components. With more than 20 sensors strategically placed throughout the dryer, the system con- stantly measures component performances and can detect changes long before the machine control even knows about it. When DigiTwin senses changes it alerts operators to an upcoming condiঞon that can be scheduled to be corrected before it alarms the machine brain or throws the producঞon process off. There isn't a single component system that is un- monitored, Novatec says. Moreover, when DigiTwin detects a problem, it idenঞfies which component is starঞng to malfunc- ঞon so that your maintenance staff spends virtually no diag- nosis ঞme and keeps the machine up and running as much as possible. DigiTwin sends immediate texts to maintenance staff, pin- poinঞng the problem. They can open the app on their tablet and immediately see the virtual image of the very same physi- cal machine in their factory. Components displaying potenঞal future problems will be flashing yellow so that the service tech knows exactly where to go and what to do—saving hours and hours of troubleshooঞng and diagnosis. This makes the processors "smarter" too, says Novatec; they understand which components are displaying issues under which process and electrical condiঞons so that those components can be upgraded and improved to conঞnuously improve equipment. | (410) 789-4811 Purge Compound with Dual-Acঞon Cleaning Shuman Plasঞcs Inc. | Booth W2762 Shuman Plasঞcs is launching the new Dyna-Purge F2, de- scribed as a "breakthrough technology" with proprietary agents formulated to flow naturally through a variety of pro- cessing equipment, including injecঞon molding machines and extrusion lines. The low-residue purging agent features one component formulated to flow to the boundary layer, flushing out the resin. Another component acts as a pressurizing agent, allowing the purge to reach stagnaঞon points. This dual-acঞon cleaning removes material and impuriঞes from the screw and barrel, as well as tool and die. With a tem- perature range of 320 to 625°F, it is re- portedly effecঞve at purging virtually all resins with reliable results. This safe, non-hazardous and FDA-compliant compound is said to be ideal for purging hot run- ners and other channels with ঞght clearances. shuman-plasঞ (716) 685-2121 Booth S10029 Solve your problems FASTER THAN EVER At the most affordable price 46

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