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TUESDAY N PE 2 018 M AY 8 TH NPE2018 PRODUCTS ON DISPLAY Chassis mount solid state relays (SSRs) available in one, two or three pole switching designs. Single phase types up to 125 amps, two pole types up to 75 amps and three phase types up to 75 amps. Also offered in our new slim-line design (up to 90 amps) and compact fast-on type (up to 25 amps). DIN rail or chassis mount solid state contactors and SSRs which are UL508 rated for motor loads, and feature integrated heat sinks, fans and large load terminals. Designed for switching single phase loads up to 85 amps (15 Hp) and two or three pole types for switching up to 75 amps per phase (25 Hp). Specialty SSRs for your growing demands: System Monitoring SSR for line /load voltage and load current, fused SSRs provide more protection, and 1, 2 and 3 pole proportional controllers with several switching modes: phase angle, distributed burst (1, 4 or 16 cycle), or soft start. • 847.465.6100 • Carlo Gavazzi is one of the fastest growing SSR manufacturers worldwide! Contact us if you're interested in a free evaluation sample (qualified OEMs only). Solid State Relays and Contactors Booth W8247 Compact System Combines Loading, Dosing, Mixing, and Dispensing Funcঞons Maguire Products, Inc. | Booth W5747 Maguire Products (Booth W5747) is introducing a new type of raw material handling device for small-volume plasঞcs processing that combines loading, dosing, mixing, and dispensing funcঞons in one compact system governed by a single controller. The Maguire MMT Micro Tower mixes up to three materials—such as virgin resin, regrind, and masterbatch—in 10-lb (4.5-kg) batches for injec- ঞon molding or extrusion processes with through- puts up to 100 lb/hr (45 kg/hr). The compact tower mounts at the throat of the processing ma- chine, with no floor space required for a vacuum pump. To ensure accuracy, the loader and three material hoppers operate on a loss-in-weight basis under simultaneous direcঞon by the controller. Maguire says the MMT Micro Tower is meant to replace over-sized combinaঞons of equipment with a single, compact system designed specifically for low-volume producঞon. The blower in the MMT Micro Tower is driven by a lightweight brushless motor. Filters are cleaned by Maguire's patented dust-clearing blow- back system. Like all Maguire equipment, the MMT Micro Tower is backed by a five-year warranty. | (610) 459-4300 Linked-Valve Reimagines Stock Manifold Block Customizaঞon Plasঞxs LLC | Booth S36053 Patent-pending Linked-Valve is a system of linkages from Plasঞxs that allow a single lever to simultaneously operate mold cooling supply and return lines. The product, which can help cus- tomize stock manifolds, is currently available for use on both 1- and 1.5-in. Smarlow aluminum manifolds and Plasঞxs 1 and 1.5-in. compact stainless steel manifolds. Operators can actuate supply and return valves from a single side of the manifold assembly and customize the number of manifold ports to match their applicaঞon. Linked-Valve uঞlizes standard supply and return ball valves for their reliability and ease of replacement. Linked-Valves allow manifolds to be placed into ঞghter spaces without worrying about block- ing access to the valve levers, and they ensure that both the supply and return valves of a mold cooling circuit are opened. Accidental coupler spills are prevented by blocking operators access to those couplers when the valves are open and ensuring both valves are closed before the cou- pler is removed. plasঞ | (888) 792-2223 "My advice to young professionals is be good stewards. That means understand the life cycle implicaons of the items made. Select the materials that perform the funcon with the best performance for the least eco- nomic and environmental cost… Do not get bogged down in sub opmizaon or the catch phrases of the day. Use good science and proper stascs to make good decisions. And remember that plascs are a social good." — DAVID CORNELL, Eastman Chemical Company – APR, Plasঞcs Hall of Fame Class of 2018 77

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