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TUESDAY NPE 2018 : THE PLASTICS SHOW SHOW DAILY A New 'PLASTICS' Addresses Changing Consumer Percepঞons By Patrick Barney Plascs Technology The Plasঞcs Industry Associaঞon (PLAS- TICS) is taking NPE2018 to introduce This Is Plascs, a resource designed to provide plas- ঞcs-industry employees with informaঞon to answer consumer quesঞons and correct mistaken beliefs they may have about the material. Many consumers take for granted—or are simply unaware of—the array of benefits plas- ঞcs offer. Sঞll others perceive plasঞcs as dan- gerous or harmful. To remind them of all the posiঞves that plasঞcs bring to their everyday lives, This Is Plascs (ThisIsPlasঞ has arঞcles, infographics and interacঞve quizzes intended to help plasঞcs industry employees aid their family, friends and neighbors in un- derstanding just how vital the material is. This Is Plascs is a new iniঞaঞve following the trade associaঞon's rebranding efforts. Mia Quinn, vice president of communicaঞons for PLASTICS, has worked for the past year to rebrand the organizaঞon—known as the Society of the Plasঞcs Industry since 1937—in an effort to add clarity to its mission. "There is so much history within our associ- aঞon and pride with our former name," Quinn says. "But our new name clearly defines who we are and who we represent. We are a for- ward-thinking associaঞon that believes in plasঞcs' ability to improve people's lives." Some of these improvements include innova- ঞons in building and construcঞon, transporta- ঞon, and the medical industry. Quinn believes that PLASTICS must em- phasize such innovaঞons to address consum- er percepঞon of plasঞcs as unsafe or harmful. She says, "Knowing that our lightweight ma- terials help doctors save and make lives be•er helps me love what I do, every day." Quinn seeks to spread awareness of this and other benefits plasঞcs have in our lives. In addiঞon, Quinn says that while the mis- sion of PLASTICS to further the goals of the many businesses that make up its member- ship has not changed, "the rebrand is a com- plete overhaul of our exisঞng brand. I am proud of the storytelling behind PLASTICS, including one of our first videos and our tag- line that reflects why we do what we do: Be•er Industry. Be•er World." The rebrand is part of PLASTICS' campaign to educate plasঞcs industry employees on how to tackle quesঞons they receive from family and friends about the safety of plasঞcs. Quinn believes that the rebrand will go a long way towards allaying consumer fears that plasঞcs are unsafe and will, she says, "conঞn- ue driving the plasঞcs industry forward." You can visit ThisIsPlasঞ for more informaঞon. Machinery Gets Smart By Tony Deligio Plascs Technology Plascs Technology's editors have been fully immersed in all things NPE2018 over the last few weeks. One theme has been omnipresent: Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 or a related variaঞon—smart factory, industrial internet, the cloud—hasn't been menঞoned in every release we've go•en, but pre•y close. New industry trends almost inevita- bly reach a hype phase with companies claiming at ঞmes dubious connecঞons to the buzz du jour (sustainability definitely got there with trade show booths bathed in green), but, if you peel away all the markeঞng-ese, Industry 4.0 (or whatever you want to call it) is going to have a real impact here and beyond. Not everyone agrees what Industry 4.0 really is—market leaders are sঞll pushing towards a common protocol so we don't get a Betamax/VHS scenario—but at the most basic level, we're talking about "smart" equipment and that's good news for processors. So what does "smart" mean in this context? Here it might be more useful to think about what "dumb" equipment is, or to be more precise, "oblivious" machinery. Oblivious equipment only knows on or off and on is 100% on and off is 100% off. The nuance of differing levels of operaঞon, based on throughput needs of the moment, or an "off" that's not totally "off"—think sleep mode, are not possible here. Neither is awareness of the quality of the "on" phase. The machine is running, but is it run- ning well; is it converঞng energy into output in the most efficient way? The oblivious machine is just on. If something is going wrong, this equipment is not aware of any error and it's defi- nitely not thinking about remedies for the problem. Oblivious equipment is not only not aware of itself beyond the binary on/off, but it's also unaware of other equipment (including machines that impact its operaঞon) or the people running the plant. Smart equipment, however, is fully aware of its place in the operaঞon and now, or in the very near future, it will communicate with the people and machines around it, working to- wards the most efficient "on" there can be. That's the true promise of Industry 4.0. If you're here at NPE to buy new equipment, in virtually all the key categories, you'd be hard pressed to leave Orlando with a purchase order for a dumb product. Talk with exhibitors about the "smart" features of the equipment they're showing, wade through the Industry 4.0 hype and think about how smart equipment could raise the IQ of your shopfloor. Pracঞcal Applicaঞon of Industry 4.0 Promoted at Piovan, Una-Dyn Piovan's new line of Quantum batch blenders are enঞrely made in the U.S. By Tony Deligio Plascs Technology A new U.S.-made product is among the highlights for Piovan at NPE2018 (Booth W1923). The new line of Quantum batch blenders—which are enঞrely made in the U.S.—promise greater accuracy. Piovan says that precision can be carried across the full material handling system by pairing with its Easylink automaঞc distribuঞon and Pureflo filterless receivers. For all this equipment, visitors can see and use the respecঞve con- trol panels. The company also showcases a complete line of Piovan-branded granulators, includ- ing models with the U&G disposable knives system. Here, longer knife life is promised thanks to the applicaঞon of CPM10V tool steel. Under the Una-Dyn brand, an array of drying systems fully equipped with loaders is exhibited. The display ranges from the Automate adapঞve mulঞple hopper cen- tral-drying system, to the energy efficient Vantage series of dryers. In process cooling, the Aquatech brand is on hand with a debut for the U.S. market: the Easycool+ line of air- and water-cooled chillers. Also on display is the Aryacool dry cooler and DigitempEvo thermochiller unit for a flexible heaঞng or cooling. Piovan's Penta unit shows the Fdm line for powder and PVC treatment in full opera- ঞon. This line is said to be able to convey powders in a newly developed vacuum sys- tem, ensuring gentle handling. As it is at many auxiliary equipment sup- pliers booths, Industry 4.0 is also part of the discussion. Here there's the launch of newly revamped FACS 4.0 auxiliary equipment control and monitoring system, designed by Una-Dyn. In addiঞon, from Piovan, is Winfactory 4.0: what Piovan calls its OPC-UA compliant "supervisory so[ware for the Smart Factory." The Winenergy plat- form, which uses a combinaঞon of so[ware and hardware to monitor and analyze energy consumpঞon, is also highlighted. At the booth, Piovan has what it's calling an "Industry 4.0" open space with demo versions of Winfactory 4.0, Winenergy and FACS 4.0. The company is also providing case studies on recently installed Industry 4.0 compliant systems, including one in the U.S. "Industry 4.0 is sঞll not easy to explain," a company spokesperson says. "For this reason, Piovan will try to show in pracঞcal terms what the Piovan Group and Una-Dyn can offer nowadays to support the customers along the so-called 4th industrial revoluঞon." Two producঞon cells running Engel machines demonstrate capabiliঞes in high-speed packaging. ENGEL, BOOTH W3303 "We've got almost a million employees in the plasঞcs industry," says PLASTICS Chair of the Board of Directors Wylie Royce at Monday's Opening ceremony and launch of This Is Plasঞcs. "And it's ঞme to empower every single one of them to serve as an ambassador for both the material and the industry, and to be proud of the simple fact that we are all part of a great industry." 12 NPE.ORG A PRODUCT OF PLASTICS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION

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