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MONDAY N PE 2 018 ENTEK Expands Extruder Lines for Both Small Lot and High Throughput Jobs By Jim Callari Plascs Technology ENTEK Extruder's exhibit (Booth W5189) is furnished with a twin-screw compounding extruder—part of its QC 3 series—designed in tandem with a customer. It's also displaying its rebranded line of larger workhorse extrud- ers—now dubbed the HR 3 series—and the 73-mm on display will be shipped to an Illi- nois toll compounder on breakdown. The QC 3 (Quick-Change, Quick-Clean and Quality Control) at the booth is a 33-mm ma- chine that fills a gap between the 27-mm, 43-mm and 53-mm compounding extruders ENTEK has brought to the market since the commercial rollout of the series at NPE2015. "The 33-mm fits in that 'sweet spot' between the 27-mm and 43-mm," says Linda Camp- bell, ENTEK's director of sales. Much like the QC 3 series in general, this machine was driven by a customer—in this case a materi- als-development company—that liked the benefits of the extruder line but was looking for something "beefier" than the 27-mm, states Campbell. Depending on the applicaঞon, the 33-mm can run at rates to 800 lb/hr. The QC 3 series has been designed to ac- commodate an industry trend toward shorter producঞon runs, especially in color com- pounding. "We saw this unfolding about eight years ago," Campbell recalls. "Our customers started running smaller batches on a just-in- ঞme basis because their customer didn't ENTEK is showing this 73-mm co-rotaঞng workhorse compounding extruder, part of its newly branded HR 3 (High Rate, High Reliability, High Return) series. want to store inventory. But they were taking up to four hours to do a color change. Downঞme was a killer, so we set out to develop a series of machines that help them get back up and running as quickly as possible." If you stop by the booth at 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., you'll see ENTEK's Colt McDaniel and Dean Ellio• do a complete screw swap on the 33-mm in 5 minutes. And that's not just trade fair showmanship. Re- marks Campbell, "Customers that have a spare screw set on the sha[ can absolutely change it out that fast." The QC 3 series fea- tures patented, self-aligning screw-gearbox couplings to facilitate fast and fool-proof installaঞon of screws; lock and key feature on splined sha[s to prevent screw ঞming errors; conveniently located gauges for quick monitoring of lube and cooling system run- ning condiঞons; a quick-change strand die; a machine-mounted air-ratcheঞng tool; and enhanced controls. But don't just think of ENTEK as a builder of smaller compounding extruders, because alongside the 33-mm is a 73-mm corotaঞng compounder rebranded as HR 3 series (for High Rate, High Reliability, High Return). This series of workhorse extruders is aimed at high-output producঞon of bioresins, wood-plasঞcs composites, color and more. The series runs from 53 mm to 133 mm. "Whereas the QC 3 series is for customers who run shorter lots and do lots of changes, the HR 3 series is for those applicaঞons where at least 80% of the ঞme the customer is running a standard formulaঞon," says Campbell. When ENTEK packs up its NPE2018 booth, the 73-mm will be shipped to BPC Toll Compounding & Blending in Meredosia, Illinois. Founded in Houston in 2007 to con- duct tesঞng services for major petrochemi- cal companies, BPC moved to Illinois in 2012 and began offering custom compounding services. Since then, its business has steadily increased to the point where the company was running at full capacity and needed to expand by adding new machinery and equip- ment. Once up and running, the line will allow BPC to increase its toll compounding capacity dramaঞcally, from 22 million to 60 million lb/yr. "We have tradiঞonally stayed under the radar, but our growth has led our owners to invest heavily in our plant," says Greg Larson, BPC's vice president of business development. "We've added staff, and are about to launch a new corporate idenঞty. NPE2018 is a big show for us, and while we are not exhibitors, we are proud to show off our new machine at ENTEK's booth." ENTEK is also showing two interacঞve work staঞons at its booth where visitors are encouraged to see how easy it is to quickly design screw and barrel layouts for their spe- cific applicaঞons. 89 M AY 7 TH NPE.ORG Tinius Olsen at NPE 215 675 7100 AUTOMATED SYSTEMS See the robot in action MELTFLOW MP1200 with Selectable Weight System VEM Video Extensometer Come and see us at Booth W723 Plastics Recycling Systems From Individual Components to Complete Systems • Wet Granulators • Friction Washers • Separation Tanks • Hot Wash Systems • Hydrocyclones • Mechanical Dryers • Thermal Dryers • PVC Label Removers Visit Booth W7545 for Complete Information

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