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MONDAY N PE 2 018 M AY 7 TH NPE2018 PRODUCTS ON DISPLAY Liquid Color Tracking System Automates Purchasing and More Riverdale Global LLC | Booth S22023 A new color-tracking capability that is available at no cost from Riverdale Global uses real-ঞme, company-wide data from liquid-color metering devices to automate many of the customer's purchasing, producঞon management, and compli- ance funcঞons, and it makes remote troubleshooঞng possible. Riverdale Global is introducing the system, called Global- Tracker, here at NPE2018 (Booth S22023). In the GlobalTracker system, special transmission boxes at the customer's plant receive data from the controllers on liq- uid color metering devices and transmit it to Riverdale Global via the Internet or a cellular network. The GlobalTracker so[- ware on the Riverdale Global servers tracks material usage and records such job-specific data as operator ID, work order, lot number and color ID. This capability extends to all produc- ঞon lines, whether in a single facility or at mulঞple plants. In turn, the customer can access GlobalTracker informaঞon using a desktop, tablet, or smart phone. Once customers log in to the GlobalTracker system, they can also obtain informaঞon on open, invoiced, and paid orders, search their order history by order or by producঞon job, see their current color match status, submit new color matches, and document producঞon runs for compliance with job specificaঞons or regulatory requirements. "GlobalTracker so[ware records data from mulঞple mold- ing or extrusion lines and puts it to work, streamlining such job funcঞons as producঞon management, order entry, and color matching," says Paul Maguire, president of Riverdale Global. "In addiঞon, because our color matching operaঞon is automated and computer controlled, with lot numbers for traceability, GlobalTracker puts an end to the paper chase in- volved in documenঞng compliance." | (610) 358-2900 Automoঞve LED Opঞc Parts Run on LSR Plug-n-Play Conversion Kit Zeiger Industries | Booth W4143 Zeiger Industries is molding a high-performance automoঞve LED opঞcal part made from Dowsil MS-4007 liquid silicone rubber (LSR) on a Milacron–FANUC Roboshot a-S55iA with that company's new iHMI Controller. The Roboshot is running a two-cavity mold mounted to a M.R. Mold universal base with a single-drop-gated cold runner system. The producঞon cell features an Elmet TOP 5000P dosing system, a Yushin YC-100 robot and a Thermal Care air-cooled EQ3A01 portable chiller. The Zeiger LSR Plug-n-Play kit incor- porates a Wexco777 water-cooled barrel, Zpringlok LSR pre- closed valve, ZSAR PM zero compression raঞo screw and Zeiger's proprietary barrel/screw sealing device. The Dowsil MS-4007 material, like the rest of the Dowsil Moldable Opঞ- cal Silicone porolio, reportedly exhibits excellent perfor- mance in demanding condiঞons and enables complex opঞcal designs that cannot be replicated with more rigid materials. In this applicaঞon, Zeiger reports that the resulঞng lens will allow 15% more light transmiance than a typical PC lens. | (330) 484-4413 Revamped DeDuster Debuts at NPE2018 Pelletron Corp. | Booth W2153 Four years a[er its introducঞon in 2014, Pelletron has completely redesigned its C-20 DeDuster model. The dust-removal system is ca- pable of processing up to 100 lb/hr of dry, granular material, yet requires no addiঞonal floor space. Features of the revamped C-20 DeDuster include: •A refined Venturi zone geometry that reduces carryover. •Easy installaঞon directly on top of the glass tube hopper of the machine. •Safe operaঞon via integrated level sensor that is installed in glass tube hopper, and can stop the material flow. •Easier operaঞons via a completely new feeder assembly with variable speed paddle for finer control of solids feed rate. •Flat disc-type filters with more surface area rather than previous closed-end cylinder type filters, easing maintenance. •Capacity for higher temperature applicaঞons thanks to increased temperature limits of dry, granular material from 150°F to 185°F. •Visible cleaning process due to the new side window. | (717) 293-4008 Technical Articles Building and Maintenance Mold Design and Engineering Keep current and cutting edge with MMT! E N G I N E E R B U I L D M A I N T A I N Find solutions today at: S U B SC RI B E TODAY! 73

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