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MONDAY NPE 2018 : THE PLASTICS SHOW SHOW DAILY The Pellbow® – to optimize your conveying system Better systems for brilliant products and higher margins. Learn more: Better systems for brilliant products and higher margins. Better systems for brilliant products and higher margins. Reduced dust + No streamers = Less maintenance and production costs Learn more: Visit us at booth # W2153 NPE 2018: May 07 – 11, 2018 Pallmann Presents Pathway to Powder Pallmann's PLMW Turbo-Finer. By Heather Caliendo Plascs Technology Pallmann Industries (Booth W963) is now part of the Hartmut Pallmann Group (HPG), a new business formed by CEO Hart- mut Pallmann. "The big theme of our booth is 'Pathway To Powder' so you can take anything and make it smaller and powder by the end," says Rolf Gren, senior execuঞve vice president for the Pallmann Group. At the booth, Pallmann is showcasing its PLMW Turbo- Finer, which is a high-capacity size reducঞon machine for the producঞon of the finest powders from so[- to medium-hard materials. The operaঞng principle of the machine is based on the size reducঞon of the material in a high-turbulent air flow by micro whirls. The product to be reduced in size is metered into the Turbofiner, pre-dispersed in the air stream and evenly distributed at the circumference of the pre-size reducঞon zone. The material flows though the verঞcal grinding chamber of the Turbofiner spirally from below to above, passing several whirl zones with increasing intensity of the air whirls. The ma- terial is reduced in size by impact onto the grinding path and by mutual impact of the parঞcles in the micro whirls, occur- ring behind the beater plates of the turbo rotor operaঞng at high speed. In addiঞon, for the size reducঞon of rubber bales, whether natural or syntheঞc rubber, Pallmann presents the Ultra- Granulators type C. Pallmann has designed special guilloঞne rotors in an open design, without a traversing sha[ and with a high-momentum flywheel. This design allows a low fricঞon and gentle size reducঞon. In addiঞon, a patented in-feed chute with shule flaps guarantees guided material feeding and a dosed material intake. The company is also presenঞng plasঞc pulverizing and ag- glomeraঞon technologies. New Equipment Designs to Spark Your Imaginaঞon By Mahew H. Naitove Plascs Technology "We like to talk to people who have creaঞve ideas," says Russ La Belle, founder and president of Wilmington Machinery. He and his staff have a bunch of creaঞve ideas of their own to present this week, and they are hoping to make their booth (W1823) an incubator for collaboraঞon on new processing approaches. La Belle has several novelঞes up his sleeve to get those discussions going: Blow Molding: In rotary wheel machines for packaging, Wilmington will introduce a concept that reportedly increases the machine's efficiency from 65% to 80%. By that, La Belle means the percentage of the ঞme that each mold is actually forming parts. It's a "radical improvement" in dry-cycle ঞme, he says, that will result in more boles per mold per hour. "We're also going to talk a lot about foam blow molding for boles and industrial parts," La Belle says. "We're hearing in- creased interest in foam for weight reducঞon and increased sঞffness." Potenঞal applicaঞons include large (40-gal) industrial containers and automoঞve parts such as tanks for fluids other than fuel. La Belle is considering foam-core and other mulঞ-layer structures that could be produced on wheel or re- ciprocaঞng-screw machines. He has a patent on a machine with three reciprocaঞng screws that could make parts from 1 to 100 lb. Accumulator heads are another possible alternaঞve. Injecঞon Molding: Wilmington is presenঞng its MP800 me- dium-pressure, two-stage, 800-ton press for either solid or foam molding. It also can be outfied with a 30:1 L/D barrel and special mixing screw for inline compounding and molding. "We've done some remarkable things," La Belle says, "combin- ing up to six ingredients like low-cost fillers, low-density fillers, coupling agents, and flow enhancers." Another topic of discussion will be Wilmington's recent in- stallaঞon of its Pallateer dedicated structural-foam pal- let-molding system. "Our goal is to supply a turnkey soluঞon suitable for beginners in pallet making," says La Belle. Thermoforming: This is a relaঞvely new area for Wilming- ton, though La Belle actually got his start in plasঞcs at a ther- moforming company. "We have a unique concept for forming mulঞ-layer sheet that will reduce costs and allow for deeper draw." The design involves a mulঞ-staঞon machine unlike a convenঞonal rotary—more of a "merry-go-round," La Belle hints. He also notes that the concept involves "billet forming" of polypropylene either in the melt or solid phase. Custom Machinery: La Belle says Wilmington has worked in the past with customers that had proprietary ideas for special foam sheet extru- sion systems. He wants to encourage innovators with ideas for unique pro- cesses to come to the booth and explore bringing their "wild ideas" to pracঞcal fruiঞon. 36

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