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MONDAY NPE 2018 : THE PLASTICS SHOW SHOW DAILY Engel collaborated with temperature control unit manufacturer HB-Therm to develop the temperature control unit series known as e-temp. Engel Offers a Vision of the 'Factory of the Future' By Mahew H. Naitove Plascs Technology With at least six automated molding cells dedicated to markets from automoঞve and teletronics to packaging and medical, plus robots both linear and arঞculated, in-mold decoraঞng, LSR, advanced mold-cooling technology, and a new line of economical, general-purpose machines—there's a lot to take in at the Engel booth (W3303). "But the big thing is the factory of the future, or Industry 4.0, and Engel's product offering, which we call inject 4.0," says Mark Sankovitch, president of Engel Machinery Inc. "We're a visionary company, and we want to present our commitment to innovaঞon that will help the industry move forward. Some people are afraid of innovaঞon, but our goal is to overcome this by breaking down this someঞmes overwhelming topic into smaller pieces and understandable examples." Adds Wolfgang Degwerth, vice president of sales and service, "For example, one as- pect of inject 4.0 is beer ways to keep your machines up and running. Everyone wants that, but current methods of troubleshooঞng, servicing and maintaining machines take too much ঞme. Our newly enhanced e-connect customer portal, which has just been launched in North America, allows our expert service personnel to look inside your ma- chine remotely, rather than geমng in a car or on a plane to come visit your plant. Our new e-connect.monitor technologies for predic- ঞve maintenance will alert you to service your machines before you lose any down- ঞme. New sensors can monitor your ma- chines 24/7, in place of that experienced worker who's not always available." Sankovitch acknowledges that there is NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Efficiency, Connecঞvity and Transparency: Key Themes in Process Cooling Here at the Show By Tony Deligio Plascs Technology Efficiency, connecঞvity and transparency are key themes in process cooling, with new units applying the most efficient technologies for operaঞons while sharing performance data with users. Thermal Care has updated its cen- tral-chiller control systems with a new tech- nology that conঞnuously calculates the low- est allowable refrigerant pressure for any combinaঞon of operaঞng condiঞons in order to maximize energy savings and provide more stable and smooth refrigerant pressure control, especially under varying load and condenser inlet temperatures. Called Dynamic Li[, the technology also adds direct control of remote condenser fans or condenser water-regulaঞng valves for add- ed savings. According to Thermal Care, users will see an average 25% reducঞon in par- ঞal-load chiller energy use at a 50°F setpoint. The company also focuses heavily on im- proved PLC controls, introducing its new Connex4.0 system, Thermal Care's Industry 4.0 so[ware. With the new control, users can control and monitor any Thermal Care equipment from any Internet-enabled device. Novatec and Advantage Engineering are showing the DryTemp+, a patent-pending machine that combines a portable desiccant- wheel dryer and a fluid temperature-control unit (TCU) in a single footprint. The product is aimed at processors that don't dry centrally. The unit features a 7-in. touchscreen Siemens pendant PLC, which accesses both drying and mold-temperature-control parameters. The PLC can provide trending and data logging and is Ethernet-equipped so it can be used for QC logging of jobs with resin, mold temperature, and drying parameters recorded. Wimann Baenfeld is showing the Tempro Plus D mold-temperature controller (TCU) and its Flowcon Plus unit for monitor- ing and controlling water temperature and flow in individual mold circuits. The Flowcon Plus is now available as a stand-alone unit for use with any brand of injecঞon machine. Engel is using NPE2018 as the North American launch of its iQ flow control so[- ware. Considered the next step in Engel's bid to eliminate cooling errors, which the company believes have a disproporঞonate impact on scrap, iQ flow control builds on Engel's flomo electronic water manifold sys- tem and e-flomo, which automaঞcally sets the required flow rate for each temperature control circuit. New iQ flow control so[ware networks the TCU, e-flomo and injecঞon machine together. Based on the measured values determined by e-flomo, iQ flow so[- ware controls the TCU's pump speed on demand. Burger & Brown Engineering Inc. high- lights the TracerVM plaorm. The TracerVM Bluetooth Interface collects, transmits and saves flow and temperature data from as many as eight TracerVM Base flowmeters installed in mold-cooling circuits. TracerVM Base Flowmeters purchased separately can conঞnued on page 81 A new version of Engel's e-connect customer portal has just been launched in North America. It supports all "smart service" products in Engel's inject 4.0 program. plenty of uncertainty in the marketplace about Industry 4.0 and all the talk about smart factories. He encourages visitors to explore the "expert corners" in Engel's booth, devoted to explaining the key con- cepts of smart machines, smart producঞon and smart service. "Our experts can provide a more personal approach to this complex subject, and explain it in simpler terms." He cites an example: "You have data in your machines—here's how to make it use- ful." Engel has a soluঞon to that need in its recently acquired T.I.G. subsidiary that builds MES (manufacturing execuঞon system) so[- ware. Says Degwerth, "Not more than 10% of molders are using MES today to plan pro- ducঞon and reduce labor costs. But that will change. Inject 4.0 is a whole new means of producঞon, where everything is connected." "What we're showing today is the begin- ning of a trend," says Sankovitch. "It provides new ways to handle the increasing complexi- ty of manufacturing, together with greater flexibility to accommodate shorter runs of a greater variety of products. It's also a way for the U.S. to rebuild manufacturing leader- ship. We'll never be a low-cost labor market, yet we can sঞll win with technology. But people have to get on board. They can't af- ford to sit back and wait unঞl smart facto- ries are well established. The ঞme to learn the basics is now." Get into the Zone: Processors By Hannah Mason Plascs Technology The Processors Zone returns for NPE2018 to showcase what's new and noteworthy this year in the world of plasঞcs processing. "The Processors Zone is the place to go to find applicaঞons, processes, and technologies that turn raw materials into plasঞc parts," according to Glenn Anderson, NPE2018 chairman and v.p., Strategic Account Development for Milacron. This year, the Processors Zone spans 4,800 net [ 2 and represents exhibitors from six countries and a range of manufacturers. The latest technologies and trends in plasঞcs processing are on display, including blow molding, thermoforming, extrusion, transfer molding, and compression molding. New to the Processors Zone this year, the new MAPP Pavilion, hosted by the Manufac- turers Associaঞon for Plasঞc Processors (MAPP). This combinaঞon of the MAPP Pavilion and the Processors Zone provides even more opportuniঞes for plasঞcs process- ing professionals across industries to network on the show floor, according to Anderson. With more than 1 million net [ 2 of exhibit space and 2000+ exhibitors at NPE2018, the zone system is more important than ever, Anderson notes. "The zones are especially valuable because they allow aendees to plan out how to cover the expansive show and see areas of focused technology they are looking for, all in one locaঞon." Who is the targeted audience for the Pro- cessors Zone? According to Anderson, this zone should aract a wide range of aend- ees, appealing to representaঞves from any company looking to buy equipment to make parts and products for their customers. 14 NPE.ORG A PRODUCT OF PLASTICS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION

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